Timferius' Reign of Winter Campaign

Recap November 18 2014

Last time, your band of heroes continued their assault on the winter portal.
Making short work of the fey creatures on the outskirts, the party trudged
through the blowing snows, to make their way towards the portal. Spotting
Large track that could only belong to Teb Knotten, the Moss Troll leading this
expeditionary force, the party advanced carefully in to the winter portal.
The snow cleared as they entered the ring of ice, as they were now in the center of the wintery vortex of the portal. In the ring, there was not but a withered tree to be found. Investigating the tree, Bjorn discovered not all was as it appeared as it suddenly morphed in to the Moss Troll himself, jabbing Bjorn in the side. After a valiant fight, the party managed to put the troll down, finishing off the last known member of this force.
Just as they thought all was calm, the vortex reacted, spewing a mass of snow as a massive dark figure emerged. Exiting the portal, he quickly changed from imposing, to that of a frail old man. He introduced himself as Black Midnight, the last living of the three Heralds of Baba Yaga’s return. Drawing ragged breathes, he told the party of a treacherous plot, cooked up by Baba Yaga’s daughter Queen Elvanna, to capture her mother and take all of Golarion in to her winter grasp. Portals are springing up all across the world, spreading their wintery touch far and wide.
Black Midnight implored the party to aid him in freeing Baba Yaga, as only she had the power to thwart her daughters schemes. Handing the party two keys to her fabled Dancing Hut, his final act of aid was to spill his very Life Blood on them to activate them, as their power had been stolen.

Now, the party stands in front of the Winter Portal, keys in hand, as the Mantle of the Black rider, an Oath to rescue the Witch Queen herself, settles on their shoulder, bestowing on them the boon of added power.


Timferius Timferius

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