Timferius' Reign of Winter Campaign

The adventure Beigins

And so it is, that our band of intrepid adventures met, and set out on their first journey together. It started with a man on a horse, riding in to the village of Heldren, wounded, and nearly dead of frost bite. Yuln, and Ulfren mercenary, told the tale of an ambush on the caravan of Lady Argentea Malassene, as she was heading home from Zimar to Oppara, after a scandal caused her to call off her betrothal.

Our adventurers were approached by the head of the village council, and after some bargaining, convinced to investigate, as they had no active militia. As they traveled to the ambush site, they came upon a strange scene. Snow, Ice and frost all around, in the middle of summer! The ambush site was a mess. Bodies lay everywhere, pierced with needle like ice, and the captain frozen as a warning, and hacked to pieces. While investigating the site, they found and slayed two animated corpses, perhaps left as a trap and a warning to anyone being too nosy?

They took the non-broken wagon, and retrieved the dead so they could be put to rest and properly disposed of as to prevent an outbreak. As the party rested, a pyre burnt in to the night to dispose of the dead.

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